I started the DIY Postcard Swap back in 2010, and now eight years later it is still going strong – stronger then ever! And you are invited to join us!

Postcard Swap Button for iHannas DIY Postcard Swap Spring 2018

I created the Postcard Swap because I love mail art, mixed media, handmade postcards and sharing creativity with you, my dear blog readers. I love getting surprises in my mail box – and I know you do too, right? The swap has grown to be a beloved feature of my blog, and many participate year after year. I open this international postcard swap up for participants twice a year; once in spring and once again in autumn. Now it’s starting to feel (a little bit) like spring here in Sweden, so I’m inviting you to join today!

Spring DIY Postcard Swap pile - backsides with neon thread by iHanna

In our life there is a single color, as on an artist’s palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the color of love.
Marc Chagall

Make 10 handmade postcardssign up before the 1st of May 2018, and after you send your postcards out you will start receiving your own bunch of lovelies from 10 other people. Doesn’t that sound just super awesome and fun?

Read more and join here

If you already know the deal and have done the swap before please join straight away by clicking the button above! If you’re new to the swap or just curious right now, please read the rules here and then join. We’d love to have you!

Do it Yourself Postcards

Here is a view of how I painted my postcards on a piece of paper and then cut them apart, last year. They’re some of my favorites I’ve don.

But you don’t need to be a painter to join. You can doodle, sew, draw, collage, or mixed media your postcards in your own fashion. The more inventive you are with your postcards, the greater you’ll feel when you are sending them out!

Painted Postcards | Kindness and Love paintings (Photo and art by Hanna Andersson a.k.a. iHanna, Sweden) #mailart

Painted Kindness and Love Postcards from last year, cut and finished here.

If you have any questions, please click through to the Frequently Asked Questions page that I have updated since last time. It’s easier to navigate and use now, and looking very nice if you ask me…

Also, if you need help with a theme or idea for your postcards, I’d be happy to help you with some tips – just post your question below.

10 Postcards for the DIY Postcard Swap (Photo and art by Hanna Andersson a.k.a. iHanna, Sweden) #mailart

My Painted Princess Postcards, cut and finished here.

Do you have an idea of what you want to do? Help me, and others in need, below with some inspiration for this year. Please share your thoughts on themes or preferred techniques below! Maybe you’re doing embroidered postcards this year?

Resources for Do it Yourself Postcard Swappers

Read more about the swap here

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