Even though Easter is very much over, I’m still wearing my new, Easter yellow hoodie and yellow skirt with orange flowers. It’s a color that I’ve been loving more and more over the past two years I think, and it is evident if not everywhere so at least in my wardrobe.

And during Easter this year my collages for 365 Collages went very Easter Yellow Inspired. I hope you like ’em!

Are you kidding me - Collage nr 50 made by iHanna #365collage #365somethings2018
Are you kidding me, a collage by iHanna.

Easter Yellow Collages

Can't carry all your gold - Collage nr 51 made by iHanna #365collage #365somethings2018
Can’t carry all your gold, a collage by iHanna.

BTW, today is a great day to start a new project. Maybe you want to do your own 365 project, if you haven’t done so already? Go ahead, start. Start as soon as you’ve read and left me a commented on this post!

If youve got an idea, start today. Theres no better time than now to get going. That doesnt mean quit your job and jump into your idea 100% from day one, but theres always small progress that can be made to start the movement. Kevin Systrom

Sending you some Rick-Rack - Collage nr 52 made by iHanna #365collage #365somethings2018
Sending you some Rick-Rack, a collage by iHanna.

The Triplets - Collage nr 53 made by iHanna #365collage #365somethings2018
The Triplets, a collage by iHanna.

Bits of my Gold - Collage nr 54 made by iHanna #365collage #365somethings2018
Bits of my Gold, a collage by iHanna.

Rare Lynx plant - Collage nr 55 made by iHanna #365collage #365somethings2018
Rare Lynx plant, a collage by iHanna.

Take it from the beginning - Collage nr 56 made by iHanna #365collage #365somethings2018
Take it from the beginning, a collage by iHanna.

And here are all of them together. Pin this image if you like the collages!
365 Collages week 8 of 2018 made by iHanna #artcollage #365somethings2018

Did you feel the Easter theme? On the other hand, a theme could be envelopes. I love those yellow envelopes, and how they look when you tear into them. Yum! I guess I’m excited about thinking about mail art again, and doing the DIY Postcard Swap. Starting it in a bit, I promise. How about you?

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Thanks for joining me and my fellow creators on this year’s big creative journey! Feel free to also check out a previous week 8 from back when I did a similar project in 2013, in case you don’t remember or didn’t read my blog back then.

Please tell me below in the comment section which of my collages you like best – and why. I’d love to know what you like, or dislike, about these.