Kawaii Hearts with wings are coming into the air and flying straight for you! Who can resist these cuties? I ♥ them so.

Kawaii Hearts in clay - making jewelery - by iHanna

To continue with the heart theme, I wanted to share an easy and fun idea for making your own lovely jewelry using clay. I made these a while back, but it’s still February so I’m just going to continue with my favorite theme…

Hearts and love.

Big Flying Kawaii Heart

I think a lot of my love of cuteness is celebrated in these hearts. I made them from different hues of pink clay, and then painted eyes and a little mouth to them. Oh, and some blush to the cheeks of course…

Chuby Flying Kawaii Heart made by iHanna

I made them as little necklace pieces, attaching a little ring to each one and then a neon thread, but now that I think about it they would be super cute dangling from just about anything from a bag to a key chain, or even as charms for my Traveler’s Notebook!

Twin Kawaii Hearts made from clay made by iHanna

Fimo Clay is like Magic

I made my hearts out of different colors of pink Fimo Soft Polymer Clay, which you bake in the oven for only half an hour in 110 celcius (230F). These days it is available in a lot of different fun colors, in Metallic Gold,or a shimmeryMother of Pearl.

I also noticed there is a line called Fimo Effect where you can get clay with different cool effects like nightglow, glitter, transparent, translucent, metallic, granite stoneandpastel, just to give a few examples. I want to try all of these!

Big pale Flying Kawaii Heartmade by iHanna

I really like working with clay, in short bursts of time. Thiseven though I’m very aware that I’m not a great sculptor. I don’t have the patience for working too long on the same piece,. But theses small projects are easy to form, and fun to finish with just a few dots of acrylic paint once they’re baked in the regular kitchen oven.

Three polka dot hearts made by iHanna

I made some even smaller hearts, that I painted with polka dots. I feel a bit obsessed with polka dots again, and might need to share more as the heart period soon is over. Although I also want to do someembroidered hearts in March…

Pile of clay Kawaii Hearts made by iHanna

Making clay beads

I also rolled some beads when I made the hearts, and although I love the two-color effect and the lacquered finish on them, this is not a hobby I need to explore further. I tired before I was even finished…

Kawaii Clay Bead Necklace made by iHanna

It takes a lot of time to make just a few beads, so a whole necklace was out of the question for me. Plus I wasn’t content with just making them, I had to add tiny little polka dots to some of them too…

Kawaii Clay Bead Necklace made by iHanna

But when I threaded this one of a kind necklace I used the handmade beads at the front, and then pink plastic beads for the rest of the string, and that worked great.

Doesn’t it look a little bit like one of those candy necklaces we had as kids? Do they still sell them?

Kawaii Clay Bead Necklace made by iHanna

For Valentine’s Day I wore this kawaii heart, and when my boyfriend came home he gave me the light pink heart, made of stone.

The winged clay heart made by iHanna

He carved it from stone, for me. I love it, and have worn it every day since. Handmade gifts are from the heart, as I’m sure you know.

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I ♥ my Kawaii Hearts

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Kawaii Hearts made by iHanna

Sending you lots of love and wishing you a great day.

Take care.