Sorry I have been MIA for almost two weeks. It’s because I got the flue. To make up for it I compiled a Colorful and Free Desktop Background, to spruce up your desktop background on the computer! Yay!

Share the LOVE - Download a free desktop background

Every day you live is a day for dreaming.
Every day is a day for adventuring.
And every day is for sharing with people you love,
because love’s all that lasts.
It’s the only thing we carry out of this world.
It connects us all, in the end.
Natalie Lloyd

Share the LOVE

I actually made today’s free desktop background out of paper in a way. The collage is square, and made out of mostly favorite wrapping papers and other romantic little bits floating around my (heart) studio.

Happy February

Every year in February I re-connect with my love for the heart-shape, the heart-form, the symbol of love. I love sharing it with you guys.

Here’s a full view of this rather big heart project:

Share the LOVE heart print

I wanted to make it into a print, but the photographs I have are all a little bent and angled, so it’s not straight enough to offer as a print. Instead, you get it digitally. As a free desktop background:

Desktop background - download and set it as your desktop background

Download the desktop background for a screen set to pixel width

Save one of these images to your computer, then set it as a background for your computer desktop. Enjoy!

And now a bit of geekery…

Auto Changing Your Desktop Wallpaper

Did you know that from Windows 7, Microsoft implemented a feature that lets you set your computer to auto change the desktop wallpaper image? I love this feature (called Desktop Slideshow), because you can choose what images you want it to use by creating a special folder for it.

When enabled, it changes the desktop background image automatically after a period of time. The user can set which images it should cycle through as the background and the frequency of showing the next wallpaper. In Windows 10, they put the settings related to this Desktop Slideshow thing in the Settings app, so if you open your settings up you’ll find it. When you’ve made a designated desktop wallpaper folder, you can fill it with all kinds of free desktop backgrounds from around the internet (and this blog).

Share the LOVE heart collage detail

Here’s a easy to follow along description on how to set the slideshow in your computer.

I’ve got mine set to change once every 6 hours, that’s enough of a refresh for me, and I love it when I get a new background that says something happy or are just happy colors.

If you like this free background and my collage, please pin this image to your inspiration Pinterest board:
Share the LOVE

Let me know below in the comments if you like my heart collage, if you’ll use the background wallpaper – and if you would like me to create more free wallpapers in the future?

Happy February!