I have been working on editing video and photos for a few hours now, stuff I want to share here on the blog, but now it’s already late and nothing I had planned is finished. Gah, I love the thought of planning but sometimes it just doesn’t work out… You know what I mean?

My computer takes for ever to render videos with all the cuts, editing and added bling-bling I do, so maybe the one I just started will be ready to upload when I wake up tomorrow? Anyways, here’s something else from my desk…

Packing & shipping from iHanna and http://ihanna.etsy.com #etsy

Packing up and shipping out stuff! It’s not my favorite task of all times, but it is very satisfying to get it done. And to sell your artwork? Aaaamazing…

Two frog collages from iHanna and http://ihanna.etsy.com #etsy

I want to share what went out from here last weekend, along with the swap postcards.

Frog collages sold together from iHanna and http://ihanna.etsy.com #etsy

I sold two frog collages from my etsy shop (yay!) that I packed up in polka dots and shipped out, as well as the giveaway art journal I made, Le Jardin Lime journal, that I sent to Tina G in the US.

She just notified me today that it has arrived and that too, made me happy.

Le Jardin Lime Journal travel letter from iHanna and http://ihanna.etsy.com #etsy

Packing in Polka Dot Cellophane

I packed everything in polka dot cellophane wrapping paper, and I love this look! Well, I love everything polka dots right now. I seam to become more and more polka dot obsessed the more I think about it.

But I think you’ll have to agree this cellophane was the dot over the i of these packages?

Love this polka dot cellophane from iHanna #etsy #polkadots

Before I packed up the hand bound journal that Tina won, I remembered to add in this label from my stash. I have always loved designing pretty labels, and this one was probably printed 10 years ago? I’ve got a few left, then they will be gone for ever (just because I want to use newer ones).

Remember the iHanna label from iHanna and http://ihanna.etsy.com #etsy

I also added in a little pocket at the back of the journal, with what I like to call “extras” – little collage elements, bits of pretty papers and some images, that you can use inside the journal or in other works. On the pocket I taped one of my square business cards from Moo.

The feeling of selling your artwork never gets old!

Adding in extra collage bits in each journal from iHanna and http://ihanna.etsy.com #etsy

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Frogs in polka dots from iHanna #etsy

I usually use wall-paper of some kind to make the envelopes, so I guess that is what makes it take a bit of extra time. But look, it’s worth it. Making little parcels and sending out happy mail is a great feeling.

I love sending out happy mail to customers from iHanna #etsy

Have a great day.

Go out and look for polka dots!

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