Finished Tiny Scrap Notebook for warm up Collages

I have finally finished this little cute notebook, about as big as my palm, that I call Tiny Scrap Notebook because of its content; lots of little scraps that I wanted to keep somewhere…

I later renamed the book “Warm Up Collage Notebook, because of how I started to use it. I have made little collages in it as a warm-up exercise to get started in the studio, to get my hands moving when I didn’t know where to start (yes, that happens to me too sometimes).

I finished the Tiny Scrap Notebook for warm up Collages + filmed a video flip through of the content /iHanna

And I say finally finished notebook, because I have been wanting to fill the last few pages in it for ages. Finally it’s done, to say the least… I think it took me so many years to finish this one (even though it is so tiny) because I hadn’t decided on a true purpose for it when I started it. The purpose of this particular notebook was developed over time. And it grew more important to me as I started using it more and more.

A page in iHanna's Tiny Scrap Notebook for warm up Collages

Using this scrap notebook became an exercise for me, a warm-up exercise within itself (because I am not very good at making minimalistic collages so I needed to push myself, and practice, to learn how) and a warm-up for other collage pieces when I was feeling stale and not very creative (because it consists of such tiny pages I wasn’t very invested in them and could loosen up a bit).

I finished my little spiral bound notebook by filming a flip through of all the pages. Another flip through, yes. Another shot at YouTubing yes. More sharing indeed. In the video below I talk about how I started, continued and ended, this wee one became more than a notebook, it was like my studio companion. Also, I would love to know what little notebooks you’ve got going in the comments below…

A page in iHanna's Tiny Scrap Notebook for warm up Collages

Flip through video of my Tiny Scrap Notebook

Tiny Scrap Notebook (click if you can’t see the video above) and please visit YouTube to rate and subscribe to my channel Studio iHanna.

Overall, I must say I’m really loving this finished notebook, and can’t wait to start a new one. I’ve got a sister copy of this one made at the same time. I guess it’s going to become Tiny Scrap Notebook II very soon and the way I’m feeling now, I really need to get some collage practice in. I miss it and feel so out of it. But hey, I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Here are a few more of the pages:

Tiny Scrap Notebook for warm up Collages

Start your own Warm-Up Notebook

To start your own warm-up practice, on days when you need it, of course you don’t need a notebook. You can do it in any way, anywhere. But I do recommend going with a small format. Cut a bunch of small papers that you can have laying on your table, or get a tiny non-expensive notebook like mine perhaps. I do adore this particular one, with the thick white passe-partout cover.

Give yourself the parameters to fill it, and you’re ready to go, go, go. Mine are “minimalistic collage” with very few pieces of paper, and leaving “lots of white space” on each page.

I’ve written about how you can use this idea for yourself before. Check out how you too can use a mini notebook like this here:


Art Exercise to try: Work in a tiny scrap notebook

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  1. Really enjoyed your post and all the photos and video on your recently finished journal! Thank you for all the encouragement and creative ideas! Loved your use of the photo matting as a journal cover – what a clever upcycle!! The video flip through was wonderful, as well!! Thanks for sharing with us!

    • Ah thanks Arielle, glad you took the time to watch the video. It’s super fun to compile these little things, and they fuel me creativily. Also thanks for the word “photo matting”, we call them by the French word passepartout in Sweden, so I had no idea when filming on what to call it in English… :-)

  2. I have been thinking of doing something like this with fabric, so thank you very much for helping me to visualize what this can look like! Your little collages are so fresh and interesting, and it was wonderful to hear your voice describing them!

    • Aw thank so much Judy, love that you got ideas of your own. Please let me know when the fabric book is underway so I can come over and take a look.

      Also, big congrats on the 100 day project being finished. Something to be celebrating for sure. Yay you!

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