Frog Collages – A Series of Collages Started

I love collages and adore frogs… So why should I not combine it all into frog collages? While everyone else is still doing birds, I’m doing amphibians (!), hoping to find art lovers as in love with frogs as I am.

Collage artwork made by iHanna aka Hanna Andersson, Sweden of

In my stash of papers I found a print of a frog, altered digitally to be printed in a few different hues. My intention when making the print was to make a series of collages featuring this frog, and now I have finally created them. It’s a collage series started, or finished, I’m not sure…

Four new collages by iHanna

I made four collages first, and then a few days later I made another one that fits into the series. So five frog collages so far, rather similar but all slightly different and with individual titles and thoughts behind them.

I might have a few more frogs forgotten somewhere, and if I find them, I might make more in the series, but for now the frog collage series consist of these five fun frog collages. Each looks so pretty (to me) but two together makes me even more happy (side by side they seam to be having a frog conversation). They compliment each other and would look great framed beside each other on a wall.

Four new collages by iHanna

I’ve scanned them and made prints (that will be available in my shop shortly), and the originals are for sale in my Etsy Shop right now if you’re interested.

Did you know I’m a big fan of frogs? Before I collected owls I had a little collection of frogs going, mostly plastic toys saved from childhood though. So frogs have been with me for many years. I always liked them, but the fascination started in school when I once wrote an essay about a sad tree frog whoes forest was about to be demolished by tree choppers. It was a gripping tale of how humans destroy the natural habitat for animals in the rain forest, and on the front cover I drew a green tree frog with big red eyes. I got an A on the paper if I remember correctly.

Happy Frog Collages

Here are my happy frog series. Let me know in the comments which one you like the best, and why!

Frog Collage by iHanna: In Your Palm - art by iHanna aka Hanna Andersson, Sweden
In Your Palm, art collage by iHanna. For Sale. Sold.

This is the frog collage statement I wrote when listing these for sale:

This series is all about our communal dream/hope of finding true love one day and to live happily for ever after, with our without a frog/prince. They are about independence, self-care and romance, all at once. Because we’re complex beings, just as frogs.

Frog Collage by iHanna: Pick em - art by iHanna aka Hanna Andersson, Sweden
Pick em’, art collage by iHanna. For sale. Sold. Click on any of the listings to see each collage framed. So neat!

Frog Collage: Romance her today - art by iHanna aka Hanna Andersson, Sweden
Romance her today, art collage by iHanna. For sale.

Frog Collage by iHanna: Hope and Glory - art by iHanna aka Hanna Andersson, Sweden
Hope and Glory, art collage by iHanna. For sale. Sold.

Frog Collage by iHanna: Loads to enjoy (Toads to Enjoy) listed on Etsy, part of the Frog Collage Series
Loads to enjoy (Toads to Enjoy), art collage by iHanna. Listed for sale here.

All collages in this post are approx 125 x 125 mm (4,8 x 4,8 inches).

Reasons to love frogs: they jump and seam to be full of happiness, they have big eyes and make cute sounds, they can become princes if you kiss them, they come in all different colors (well not in Sweden, we’ve got they gray-green variaty, but in the rain forest they can be yellow, turquoise, red or blue).

And they make a great focal point in collage if you ask me. I hope you agree?

A series of frog collages

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  1. I like “Romance Her Today” because the background is so beautiful.

  2. dear hanna; so inspired by your lovely cards I had to have a go myself. I just ‘threw’ some pictures on the blog but I will come back to it and talk about them and give you crdits!
    Thank you so much for sharing… i return to making more before easter!

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