If you’re feeling stale and uninspired, in body or soul, you need to start with some warm up exercises, to get you going. I think this is one of the stumbling blocks when making art (or trying to restart it as a practice), that we expect to be creating something awesome directly when we sit down.

Before you start Creating do a warm up exercise in a little notebook

Even if it’s been a couple of weeks, or sometimes months, since we last did something creative for ourselves (be it painting, collage, doodle or knitting), we expect our makings to be grand once we start again. Just like that. Not like our brain has been thinking about other things too?

We forget that we need to be gentle with ourselves. To have grace. And to warm-up our fingers and body before we start, but mostly to warm up our creative mind.

[Tweet “How can you expect to be fit to create without training the muscles of making art?”]

How can you expect to be fit to create without training the muscles of making art?

Warm Up Collage Notebook spread, by @ihanna #artbook

The mind is not always focused on form and color, so you need to sit down and warm up by doing something without presure of it becoming a master piece in your next art exhibition.

Just warm up by doing something small, something cute, something random.

Warm Up Collage Notebook

Since I started working in the Mini Scrap Notebook I’ve had a long break from it and then renamed it my Warm Up Collage Notebook. The warm up consists of me picking 3-4 scrap pieces of paper from my desk or scrap inbox, and combining them into a quick collage. It’s easy, fun and it gets my brain warming up to the idea of making collages again.

I’ve posted a few of these to instagram, and the book is now almost full so I think I should photograph them with a better camera and share them here some day. But for today one of the pages, some thoughts on warming up for art and as a warm up to blogging, I guess.

And as an encouragement to us all, to take small steps that we can manage and not to wait for energy or time slot that will move us forward in unworldly big leaps.