Art Journal Peek | Winter is Coming

The title Winter is coming is well known if you too are hooked on TV series that never end. It might be misleading here, but I’m staying indoors a lot watching GoT as my brother calls it and doing embroidery. Misleading perhaps, but at least it’s very cold around here, and white. Winter is already here.

Winter is coming, or in Sweden it's here already - photo copyright Hanna Andersson, January 2017

We’re diving right back into Art Journaling, with another peek at what’s happening in mine. Art Journaling is one of my favorite things to do, be it winter or summer or come rain or sunshine… I’ve been painting a lot lately, but this page is a simple cut and paste of magazine pages.

Art Journal | Writing on a magazine page (before) by iHanna

One big magazine image on each side of the spread, this cold lady enduring winter and frosty leafs already dead (see above), that I then did a bit of doodling and writing on top of.

I wanted to share this page to show that simplicity is a great option when you don’t want complicated. It can be something good, and not all pages need to be of the happy, colorful variety. Though remember:

Don’t let them get you down. Be cheeky. And wild. And wonderful.
Astrid Lindgren

Writing and doodling on a magazine page (detail) by iHanna

Art Journal | Writing and doodling on a magazine page (finished) by iHanna

Love this wintery page with patterned rows too:

Art Journal | Doodle row of patterns by iHanna

It’s so frosty blue, with the pattern on pattern:

Art Journal | Doodle row of patterns in blue by iHanna

These pages are so filled you can’t see that this is one of my altered books, one of my favorite ways to art journal. Here is a tutorial on how I usually get started. Give it a try and see if you like it.

Wishing you a happy Art Journal year 2017! Stay warm my friends.

Art Journal | Writing on a magazine page by iHanna
Translation: It might be effing cold right now, but summer is coming soon. I hope.

7 Responses

  1. LOL . . . I have been spending a lot lo time this winter watching GoT also. Good thing to do in the winter. Wonderful journal pages!

    • Thanks Clare, but yeah, isn’t it getting a bit too bloody? I might need a break from the war I think, I’ve been watching non-stop evenings for 2 weeks now. :-)

    • Thanks Cody. I very rarely buy magazines myself. Instead I make sure everyone else around me knows I’m a cut and paste artist that needs their leftovers!

      • I wish I had people around me like that. Sadly, no such luck. Good thing the library sells old ones.

  2. I LOVE your journal pages! The images are beautiful and writing over them produces a very lively effect. I will have to give a try at this.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and letting a very nice comment. Be well dear .

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