Share a Handmade Postcard, will ya?

Note to self: make, send and share some love this autumn - graphic and photo by @ihanna #mailart

Even if you haven’t joined the swap I host, I hope you feel inspired to make a few handmade postcards and send them of to friends and family this season. Those things really warm the heart, maybe more than a cup of tea or a warm water bottle…

To get something handmade, just any day of the week, brings a lovely feeling in anyone’s stomach and heart.

And IF you have joined the DIY Postcard Swap (or are considering, there’s still time) and want to share a blog post of yours or instagram image of what you have created you can do so below!

I’m hoping to collect lots of yummy postcard inspiration here… Yay!

It’s a while until we send the postcards off and we’re so curious about what you’re making! I love reading your blog posts about how you create your postcards and seeing in progress photos, so please do share them, if not here so in the flickr group.

Using the linkup tool below: Please feel free to share a direct link to the image/blog post about the handmade Postcards, and your name in the first field, thanks. If you blog more than once feel free to enter your next blog post url here too, and just number it #2. Once you popped in your link, click at least two of the other links and leave a comment for them. That is much appreciated.

Enter your Handmade Postcard inspiration link here

(ignore the blog fodder-text below, this is for us DIY Postcard Swap peeps!)

If you have questions about the swap, check out the FAQ or contact me, I’m here to answer any questions (when I’m not filming my own postcard process of course).

Postcard Inspiration Galore on Pinterest

BTW, and how about this lovely pinterest board as eye candy!

Oh, also: If you’re a lot on instagram, check out the tag #DIYpostcardSwap there, even more inspiration!

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  1. I have my cards all made! Got your email this morning.
    I was looking forward to this, Love your posts – please keep up the good work.

    • Glad we got it sorted out so you could join even without paypal Judy! Thanks for your generous comment, so glad you enjoy my blog and keep coming back.

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