Alma Stoller’s Class 101 Mixed Media Techniques

I have been taking quite a few online classes this year, as well as the in real life ones that I’ve blogged about. Most recently I’ve gone through Alma Stoller’s new class 101 Mixed Media Techniques, which contains a lot of really unusual techniques that I have not seen anywhere else.

Things I got in Alma's zine swap a couple of years ago

Her mixed media class not about becoming an artist, painting flowers or girls or birds, the way most mixed media classes is taught, instead is is about real behind the scene techniques for creating your own basic art supplies, materials and canvases.

101 Mixed Media Techniques revolves a lot around basic recycled materials that you already have at home, or will be able to start collecting once you learn how useful it can be to have toilet rolls and cereal boxes around in the studio or the craft corner of your home.

You’ll learn how to mix gesso, paint-retarder, glue and paper clay. You’ll get a lot of new ideas to play with for a long time if yo decide to buy this class. I suggest you get out your notebook med make a list of all the things you’ll want to create, so you don’t forget them all. That’s what I’m doing. The ideas are each presented in a quick video. Learn how to make your own paint brushes, stencils and stamps!

101 Mixed Media Techniques with Alma Stoller

My favorite part of the class is all the different instructions on how to make your own canvases from all kinds of recycled material. Some look like traditional canvases, even though they’re not, and some look like sculptures on their own merit. Alma uses everything from magazine pages och soap boxes to express her creativity on. Im a big an of cheap materials and recycling, so I like her approach!

I’ll get back to you in another post when I’ve created something from her videos, but now I’ve it to get back to watching class videos and taking notes.

If this sounds like your idea of fun then check out Alma’s Online Classes, especially Mixed Media 101 – it’s on sale right now!

Also, sign up for The DIY Postcard Swap I’m hosting. Postcards are great canvases for mixed media, right?

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