Vintage Dymo label maker

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Love << My vintage Dymo label maker - photographed by iHanna #dymo #labelmaker

I thrifted a turquoise Vintage Dymo label maker, and oh my. I’m quite in love with this beauty. It’s just so stylish, don’t you agree? Now if I could only find a vintage typewriter in a smilar style…

I already have a much bigger vintage label maker, and one tiny that’s probably made for kids. But this one is not only useful and still working, but it is this light dimmed turquoise that I adore, like a vintage car for stationary addicts.

I’m a sucker for pretty tools!

My vintage Dymo label maker

I used to share a lot of thrifted finds on this here blog, but these days not as much. That’s because right now I’m leaving more stuff at the local charity shop than I’m bringing home, trying to purge. Minimalism is so not my thing, but when there are too much stuff you’ve got to at least try to break free from some of it.


But one of my recent finds is this vintage Dymo label maker, and it’s not just so awesomley pretty that I had to share it. If you haven’t got a label maker, you might not understand the glory of it. But typing up little labels are great fun both when organizing drawers, and when journaling.

My vintage Dymo label maker

I love to use these labels in my art journal, or on the side of boxes and ring binders. And a few years ago when I bought pink dymo tape (and those awesome transparent ones!), I was thrilled.

Dymo labeling is super fun - photo by iHanna

If you don’t own one yet, I totally recommend you to keep a look out. If it’s as pretty as this one, it fill be a great find that could be displayed on a shelf (if you have the room, I’ve gotta keep mine in a box with a lot of other tools)… :-)

If you already got one, let me know if you’ve used it recently and where?

My vintage Dymo label maker is so loved, photo and blog post by @ihanna #labelmaker

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  1. I do have a dymo label maker but I don’t use it very much… I LOVE the transparant tape, now that would make me use it immediately! My tape is the boring black/blue/red… I will be on the look out for transparent tape!

  2. I have a newer style Dymo, but yours looks just like my mom’s did when I was growing up. My mom and I are labeling fools! :-)

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