Hi Dear DIY Postcard Rockstar!
This is the post where those of you that joined iHanna’s DIY Postcard Swap Fall 2015 can share your blog post links (the swap is now closed but if you missed it join my newsletter and I’ll let you know when the next one is). Loads of inspiration from all participants, can and will be found, below.

DIY Postcard Quote by iHanna - share your postcards with us!

The Postcard Rockstars…

And even if you’re not a Postcard Rockstar yet, I think you will find that you will want to become one after clicking through to these links…

Edit: The link-up is now closed, thanks everywone who played!

Join iHanna's Newsletter to be notified about the DIY Postcard Swap Spring 2016 We’re not aiming for artistic perfection, but for the joy of creating, sharing and sending out art into the world! You become a DIY Postcard Rockstar by daring to create from your heart and sending your art into the word. It takes courage, especially if you’re very new to this world – but the benefits are huge. If you have been hesitating, I hope you’ll dare to jump in next time.

I always enjoy receiving my postcards no matter what. I also love reading about other’s creative process, and find inspiration on what I want to try next. Reading about what you do tickles me to sit at my desk and do more art! So a big thank you to all of you who step out of your comfort zone and share here. You rock!

Below you’ll find some additional resources, fit for both participants and others who enjoy mail art and mixed media stuff!

DIY Postcard Swap Resources

Let me know where you find your inspiration for postcards?! I’d love to know.