The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set foot on one’s own country as a foreign land.
Gilbert K. Chesterton

Earlier this summer me and two friends had this small Paint Party in the Park. I had promised to serve something creative in my studio, but because the weather was amazingly nice, I decided to pack watercolors, papers, paint brushes and fika and go to town.

Whithering Pink tulip in grass - Paint Party in the park, photo by iHanna

We found this nice little park where we ahem… parked on a blanket and took out everything. It was a success.

Paint Party in the park, photo by iHanna

Maybe because we also brought soap bubbles, cookies and snacks? Though pencils, watercolors and grass under your feats is just yummy too.

Since I don’t have my own garden or even a balcony, it doesn’t happen often enough. But to me, creating outdoors is a privilege. The packing and hiking somewhere feels overwhelming to me sometimes, so I don’t do it enough, but when it happens it’s lovely.

Paint Party in the park, photo by iHanna

For next summer I am gonna make a special outdoor art journal and pack a kit for the entire summer, place it by the door and go outside every day it’s good weather! Doesn’t that sound like a good plan? I might even make a fall kit, for coffee houses…

Painting in the park party Paint Party in the park, photo by iHanna

I ended up trying to sketch a withering white and pink tulip in my art journal. But my photo (above) is nicer than my painting trial. Or as one might say: the moment was nicer than the finished product, though I’ll share the finished page another time. I couldn’t paint too much, because you know. Kids.

And speaking of kids, my 6 year old friend made these awesome crocodiles:

Pink Crocodile Paint Party in the park, photo by iHanna

I am gonna continue to go through summer photos and share when I feel like it, because it’s my blog and I don’t mind if summer is prolonged until at least December… Hope that’s alright with you.

You’re all invited to the party!

PS: If you want to do some art journal collage with me online, sign up for 21 secrets workshop, where I’m one of the teachers.