There are years that ask questions and years that answer.
Zora Neale Hurston

Get your pencils sharpened (photo copyright Hanna Andersson)

I am sharpening my pencils. I am sharpening my brain. I am sharpening my everything. I feel on edge and ready. I have so many ideas filling so many notebooks that it’s just ridiculous. I did do a whole lot of photos last week, documenting a week in my life for the third time, but it’s been such lovely August weather here that I haven’t been indoors much. I will share a few photos eventually, I’m sure. Did any of you do the photo challenge?

There was a challenge in July too called One Book July that I discovered on YouTube. It was about minimizing your notebook stack rotation to just one (and one pen!) during the month, to see if maybe you’re using too many notebooks and splitting yourself thin… I did the opposite, and started about 10 new notebooks I think. And it felt awesome. I love notebooks more and more, and I think I want to do a notebook blog post series here this fall. What do you think about that?

I am in the mood for blogging, and I am thinking that next week will be full on blog mood over here. Or at least i hope so. Autumn is in the air and yesterday it started to rain.

But so far this week I’ve been busy busy with things other than writing. I’ve been editing video for the upcoming workshop 21 secrets that I am part of. My three videos is about how I do art journal collage, showing you what cheap material I collect and how I distribute them on a page in my art journal. It’s one of my favorite ways to art journal, and I soo look forward to sharing it with you!

2015-08-27 14.49.53

My finished videos are 13 + 20 + 30 minutes = 63 minutes of awesome value, if I may say so myself. Over an hour of iHanna goodness if you get the whole workshop (which is said to have 25+ hours of videos)! The workshop is actually a downloadable 150+ page e-book that contains 21 art journaling workshops that you get to keep – for ever. I haven’t seen it (or anything like it) yet, because it is being made as we speak, but I look forward to investigating all that content this fall. My plan is to blog about all the 21 parts as I do the exercises, or at least the ones that speak most to me.

The Early Bird Special Bonus still applies, and as you might guess, I SO appreciate all of you who are buying the class via my affiliate link in this post or in the sidebar of the blog! Thank you. I get an e-mail when a new sale comes in via me – but I don’t know from who so I can’t say a personal thank you. “My” students remain anonymous to me but you are all awesome!

So what I am up to right now: I am sharpening my pencils, both metaphorically and literally. The pink sharpener in the top photo is new, and super great. It has two holes, a regular and a big hole for my chunky colored pencils. Now I can finally sharpen those too, and I’m ready to color the world! Yay, right?

What are you fired up about?