Art Journal Peek: Endless possibilities

An art journal gives you endless possibilities to be creative. There are always new, blank pages that is waiting around the corner – waiting for us to draw, paint, collage, create art or mess up.

It’s a kind of magic that is always there for us when we need it, even on dark nights when only the stars are shining…

Art Journal Detail: Girl and Cat by iHanna

I like the messy pages just as much as the more artful ones.

Sometimes I leave what others would call “an art journal background” as is. I call it abstract. I call it finished because I feel like it. I call it a cloudy sky or the messy place where I feel most at home. Like this blue one, that liked “as is”.

Though now I enhanced it with a quote in photoshop:

Art Journal background with a great Ray Bradbury quote on, by iHanna of

I thought I was going to spend the summer doing lettering, but so far I haven’t found a lettering practice that I am happy with it even though I dabble here and there. I have so many great quotes that I want to letter in some way…

Art Journal Spread: Butterfly girl and Frida in the Studio, by iHanna

So I paint from my imagination. Or add in a Frida Kahlo-portrait just for fun.

Art Journal Detail: Frida Kahlo painting

Sometimes I paint with acrylics. Sometimes with watercolors. It depends on what I’m in the mood for.

Art Journal Detail: Black cat Art Journal Detail, all by iHanna of

Sometimes I will just doodle. Doodle is always such a lovely creative outlet. No thinking, just doing. I doubt I’ll ever tire of my flowers.

Pink Flower Mandala Art Journal Detail, all by iHanna of

A mandala can grow into a flower, or a flower turns out to be a mandala…

Pink Flower Mandala  Art Journal Detail, all by iHanna of

And yes, the possibilities are endless. Or at least sometimes it feels like that’s how it is… Maybe because it is summer?

Pink Flower Mandala Art Journal Detail, all by iHanna of

What are you filling your notebooks with this week? I hope it feels like magic, what ever it is. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment below if you enjoyed this post, and if you do pin any of my images to Pinterest – I ask that you please just add “by @iHanna” to them. It makes me happy.

I wish to you endless possibilities!

7 Responses

  1. Thanks for the lovely inspiration. Great combining backgrounds, and quotes. And I love the flower mandala’s.

  2. hi hanna :) thank YOU for having this blog. i for one will never grow tired of your doodled flowers! your pages are just plain yummy. i agree that sometimes, my so called background pages are left “as is” because i like them that much ;) your flowers made me think of sugar cookies with lots of pink and white icing! thanks for sharing-i’m always inspired by what you share <3 jenny

  3. These pinks are so bright<3! Definitely going to need to pick up some eye-searing paints and markers to use in my journal. I too find that sometimes I love a "background" so much that I leave it be. Sometimes I'm inspired months later while flipping through to add to it, sometimes not. If I'm on the fence I'll scan it first so that I always have it "the way it was".

  4. I love this kind of post, where you show all sorts of things that you are working on. The blue & pink combination on the first page is pure Hanna-magic!

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