Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity. General George Patton

Today I am part of Alma Stoller’s Blog Hop for STITCHED 2015! Hi and Welcome to all new and old visitors, I hope you’ll stick around for a bit and leave me a comment below – maybe about what you like to sew – if you’re into sewing?

STITCH with LOVE bead embroidery for the STITCHED Blog Hop 2015, image by iHanna

I dabble in a little bit of everything, mostly what I call mixed media embroidery, which is kind of stitching on altered surfaces. I mix in a bit of everything, and that is what my class at STITCHED 2015 is all about too. Altering your fabric, using different threads and beads to decorate a surface and finally making a piece of tiny art! The final piece will end up becoming a ATC…

I love the ATC (artist trading card) idea a lot, because it makes your small embroidery into something “finished” and very artful, which sometimes can be the hardest part when you dive into free-form embroidery. Where will this end up, what will it become? And it’s so fun to use the ATC as a way to explore a theme or an idea, like I do with the heart in this class.

Anyway, for the blog hop I finally finished a video promo of my own workshop, Stitch with Love, and uploaded it to my YouTube channel. Here it is:

Give it a thumbs up if you’re on YouTube, or let me know in the comments what you think… I have so much fun making classes, filming, editing and talking about my passion for stitching. I love sharing many ideas so that you can pick and chose what fits your style and mood best.

Stitched Mixed Media Love

STITCHED is a year long learning ground, hosted in a private ning-site, where you log in to see videos, get downloads, share your own work and get feedback once you sign up. You get 8 different classes, and then also new content every month! All this for 89.00 dollars. If this is something you think you would be inspired by, buy it through me and I will get a commission.

I also wanted to include Alma’s promo for the whole STITCHED year long class, because it just looks yummy!

By the way, Alma is an awesome blogger and artist who shares a lot of free tutorials on her blog. Her aesthetics is similar to mine, as we’re both fans of using a lot of color! One of her tutorials is about making mixed media beads, and I was so inspired after watching it I started stitching at once! I’ll share my pile of beads another day, but if you have the time, check out Alma on youtube, you’ll be smitten.

Here is her beading tutorial, I dare you not to be inspired!

I’m almost the last stop in this Blog Hop, and I realize not as fun as the other awesome teachers have been… They are offering textile tutorials and giveaways, so go visit them too if you haven’t already! I bet you’ll be inspired to create something textily after your visit there… or maybe even sign up for the classes? If you want a tutorial relevant to my class, I’ve got one called Finishing a fabric ATC, which is similar to what I demo at the end of my Stitched class!

the STITCHED Blog hop stops

April 2nd: Carrie
April 3rd: Celeste
April 6th: Carmi
April 7th: Lidija
April 8th: Lynn
April 9th: Hanna – that’s me!

And tomorrow April 10th, visit my friend Alma for the last stop of the Blog Hop! Thanks Alma for making this class happen!