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Ted Levitt

Gifts from Jenny, photo by iHanna #ideanotebook

I sometimes get the prettiest things in the mail. It does not happen very often, but after Easter I have gotten several very nice surprises in my inbox. Things that totally brighten my day. Today I’ll show you a few of the things, because there was so much paper goodness that I think you need to see it too. Stationary, stickers, scrapbook and collage papers…

First of was this awesome little care package from Jenny, with a card about grief included with the paper goodies (as well as comforting chocolate from Trader Joe’s!). A super cute brown notebook with a gold embossed idea lamp on the cover. What’s up with the gold I see everywhere? I think I’m smitten with this trend. Not so trendy anymore, but still my favorite, is owls. And owl stickers, OMG! I also got a decorated paper clip, a hand written letter and six beautiful highlighter pens called Poppin. Yum!

Pretty pens and chocolate

I already ate the chocolate, but the two metallic gel pens are still in the package because I haven’t had time to test them out yet. But can’t wait for my next journaling session…

Easter Postcard from Andria

I did not get any Easter Postcards before Easter this year. But after the holiday I got one, and it is super pretty and has glitter! It’s from my blog friend Andria, and I love it.

Then the third and last thing I have to share is a whole big envelope filled with paper love:

Happy Mail from Amy

It’s also from one of my readers, Ami, who wrote to tell me that she read back through my archives when she was pregnant and needed the resting time.

Ami sent me a whole pad of paper (also including some super cute owl designs) of the thinner kind, which is my favorite to use in small books and collages. There where painted papers, magazine clippings, and some vintage book pages – so yummy all of it. My favorite though was the folded folder that Amy made from a painted paper. Such a fun idea!

Paper folder closed

Inside she tucked even more goodies:

Paper Folder open

Thank you ladies, you rock! To end this post, I just want to say I get mostly boring bills in the mail, so things like this really brightens my mood. I open these gifts and to through them more than once before I take the things out and incorporate them into my stash and life. I feel like a little kid at Christmas. And sometimes, even when I get boring mail, the inside of an envelope that has pretty patterns, makes me happy:

Inside envelope pattern

This one is a keeper too.

If you feel like you want some happy mail in your life too, sign up for the postcard swap I’m hosting. Coming soon to a blog near you.