You can have brilliant ideas, but if you cant get them across, your ideas wont get you anywhere.
Lee Iacocca

Rosehip in Winter
Snow  Trees

There is snow covering the ground and the dangerous icy patches, right now. I took my camera out for snow watching.

Rosehip in Winter II

My walk was a chilly one where I was happiest when I came home and could warm up under a blanket. My nose started to run in the wind.

The snow makes everything shiny.

The ice makes it difficult to walk.

The ducks in the canal are hungry, waiting for by-passers to feed them.

Colors are gone, the landscape tucked in white.

Rosehip in Winter III

I love the shifting seasons. The constant change, the different moods the weather brings.

Nature is so powerful. So beautiful. So close, and yet so distant.

Snow, rain, sunshine, wind… it’s all good.

Snowy Pathway

It’s all good.