I continue to doodle. There is not much to say about it, but I still like to share them, and I love when you visit and take a look. Maybe my efforts will bring a smile to your face, or a pen to your hand this afternoon… And if you want to leave me a comment to encourage me, you know I appreciate it lots.

Diary Flower Doodles

Flowers again, yes I know. But not just black and white flowers. Sometimes I bring out markers and make pink flowers in my diary (I actually write a lot in this notebook too, but these were photographed before the writing sessions).

Sometimes I fill in outlined flowers made in black ink, and sometimes I outline flowers doodled with a broader pen. All is fun, all is good. More here:

Pink and blue Diary Flower
Gentle Sun Flower
Compass Flower
Spiky Burst Flower
Green flower border
Pink Flower Border
Striped scallop Flower

Thanks for taking a look at my Diary Flower Doodles, now it’s time to turn the page. These doodles will be filed away and nobody will ever see them again, except maybe me…

Have a wonderful week and new month! Happy September!