I am back with square, abstract artwork. I made a few collages this spring, but never got around to posting them then. Now I really want to get back to creating art and sharing it with you guys, so let’s just start!

Collage: the One Place

The reason this one didn’t get a blog post was mostly because my process includes scanning the artwork, and some pieces of art does not look good scanned. My scanner, for example, does not understand the concept of florescent colors, and those are some of my favorites to use right now!

Just look at the piece above, and then imagine that big circle is actually neon yellow….

Scanned vs. Photographed Artwork

Photographing flat art is another option, when scanning doesn’t work. But to me it feels like a bit more work, probably because I’m not in the habit of doing it. And I like the scanner process: getting the artwork into the computer, dating and naming it, moving it to the folder called Collages 2014 and uploading it to Flickr.

With photography it’s more work. You’ve got to have good light, a flat background and then it’s still not easy to get all the angles 100 % straight. But I did a trial today and this is what it looks like in real life:

Collage: The Once Place

Collage: The One Place, by iHanna. For sale here!

It’s kind of different from the collages I made last year, but I really like it. I like the white space, the circle, and that neon yellow is yummy. But maybe this image is blurry, I can’t tell right now. What do you think?

I listed it on etsy anyway, if you’re interested. That sad thing of a shop is poorly neglected, as is my newsletter, but maybe I could work on that too this week…