Mixed Media Collage

Collage time! Circles again, inside my brain, on the cardigan I’m wearing – and then from my hands onto the paper. Cut out, drawn, or sewn – they appear in all colors and forms on my polka dot desk. Mostly circles are present when I paint or doodle, but now also in my collage work as you can see.

Collage: Look Ahead
Collage: Look Ahead, by iHanna. For sale here.

I’m trying to find my way back, again. I love finding my way back, finding new ways to cut and paste, rediscovering my materials… But it is hard too. I would rather just stay in the flow from day to day, creating what I love, instead of having to fight my way back to it every second month…

I miss my project 365 Collages a lot right now.

Collage: Full Circle - Copyright Hanna Andersson
Collage: Full Circle, by iHanna. For sale here.

But of course the 365-thingie is just an idea, a thing in your head, though a helpful thing. I can make collages each day this year too, and nobody is stopping me except myself, and my level of energy who is going on power low right now, though these two are listed in my Etsy Shop.

What do you do when you want to create something that you love, and it ain’t happening? Do you force it out, ease into it, or ignore the feeling until it stops bugging you?

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