Just because it’s black in the dark, doesn’t mean there’s no color…

My most consistent habit right now is to doodle. To bring a black pen to paper and draw something that is already in my mind. I have lots of things inside my head, swirling around. It’s always nice to let some of them out.

Diary Doodle: Big Fat Flower
I am humble that this is one of my abilities. What would I be without it – my creativity?

I mentioned in my post about my recent mixed-media collages that I struggle with “coming back” to creativity, after being away for a while. With doodles I don’t struggle much. It’s just there, present and constant. Sometimes latent, yes, waiting. But available just one ink filled pen away.

Doodeling is the companion whose company I thoroughly enjoy…

iHanna's Flower Mandala Doodle

These doodles where made in my Leuchtturm notebook. Mostly with my fountain pen, the Lamy Safari, filled with black ink.

What is your most consistent creative habit?