One of my biggest Summer Crushes has always been Coloring Fabric Outside! Using paint and dye in the grass makes cleaning up a breeze! In summer, when ever the weather is good enough to bringing tools and materials outside, I bring tools and materials outside. I love being outdoor, and when I can I bring my creativity with me…

Sun Coloring fabric in Summer with iHanna at #diy

Anything drippy and messy is always fun, but with a tiny kitchen I avoid things like spray painting and dying fabric until the Swedish summer hits. And now it’s here! So let’s go outside and be creative, messy and stock up on fabric for future projects.

The paints we used are sun colors from Finland, that are sold privately, but I think you can find similar colors on the web. Sun colors give the best results outside, because the light of the sun is what makes the stencils “print” (bleach of the color) on fabric.

Let me show you!

Mixed Paints

Sun Printing Fabric

You mix the colors with an emulsion, wet the fabric in water entirely and then apply the paint anyhow you want. Then you lay out the fabric flat on the ground, to dry, and apply anything that you think will make a print… Buttons, twigs and stones, leaves, pre-cut stencils or any pattern you can find or make up!

Sun print in the making
A big fern leaf is perfect for printing with, if you can make it stay flat enough.

Flower pattern in the making
This flowery paper stencil made a great print!

Wrinkled to dry fabric
Wrinkling up the fabric can also make interesting (batic-like) pattern.

Curiosity killed the cat (not yet)
Always being a curious cat, Smilla wants to dive under the plastic floor, but she is not always welcome in creative activities. The fabrics needs to stay still until they’re dry.

A piece of plastic floor found in the shed made my day!

Plastic Floor Print
Plastic Tile Result
I love the pattern, and it made a perfect stencil print. Heavier stuff makes better prints, but I enjoy the experimentations most.

To remember: it’s important to take breaks from time to time. To look up from your work and breath for a while. I don’t know any creative activities that is so stressing (because of how fun it is mostly – you just want to make another one, another and then another try!) as printmaking and fabric coloring and dying. You just go, go, go. Until the color jars are empty (or the sun disappears and it starts to rain)… you finally realize that hours flew by and you didn’t even notice…

Empty jars

Then you know it’s time for coffee!

Remember to take breaks
Coffee for Hanna
MomBlue - reverse print in blue

Once the coffee break is up, another fun part of the process starts. Going through the fabrics to see which one is okay and which one you love-love-love!

And then the boring part: ironing all of it of course.