Thread Softly

July 30 is always World Embroidery Day – a day when we celebrate the slowness of stitching and enjoy the company of needle, fabric and thread. I thought I’d share some of my past embroideries (including a skirt, artist trading cards and wall hangings), as eye candy and maybe inspiration for you to pick up a needle and experiment a bit on your own!


Embroidered Heart
Embroidery has my heart.

Jeans Skirt Stitches 5
I like to wear it too, this is a detail of my hand sewn and embroidered DIY Skirt.

Sunshine ATC
Artist Trading Cards are fun to make, I like to make owls and sunshine and magic trees.

I made a Wool Bracelet
Experimenting with stitching on wool, and still learning.

TAST ongoing stitch sampler
Still unfinished, the TAST Stitch Sampler.

Finished embroidery inches
Pink Inches for a swap.

Detail of Fly photo over a Inner Landscape I
Detail of Fly photo over a Inner Landscape.

Embroidered bracelet by Margot
Having fantasy is more important than knowledge – bracelet by my friend Margot.

Världsbroderidagen - World Embroidery Day July 30

If you would like to know more about the World Embroidery Day you can visit the Swedish Embroidery Guild’s page July 30, where I’ve tried to compile some information about this celebration. If you’re also a fan of slow crafts, mark your calendar and celebrate along with Sweden and the rest of the world next year!

Keep the needle glowing!