You get the best DIY mail possible in iHanna's DIY Postcard Swaps! #diypostcardswap

Oh hi, sweet one! I couldn’t write this post until now, sorry, I know you were curious. But matter of fact I got the last (and most possible latest) postcards last week from the Netherlands. It was the one I’ve been waiting for to write this post. So I think it’s time to share what I got this year! And I know many of you (with over 200 participants) in this swap will agree with the above statement: You do get the best possible postcards in this swap! [Feel free to pin that statement to your pinterest board if you agree].

I’ve been snapping quick as-I-take-them-inside iPhone photos of the cards I’ve received as they’ve arrived here, and posted them to my Facebook Page, here are a few of those:

The last two

So many cute details!

Yummy pile on instagram

Fabric scrap on an envelope, stickers, hand lettering, owl stamps… And a special, secret message tucked in at the back of a postcard (and washi taped to stay in place), darling stamps used, sweet words… And in one of the envelopes, extras, for further paper crafting:

DIY Extras
Yummy stuff (they will end up in my art journal for sure)!

Here they all are in a big pile on my floor:

DIY Postcards received spring 2014
DIY Postcard from Tammy
DIY Postcard from Natasha

I have sent out thank you e-mails to everyone who sent me a postcard, and my heart is filled with gratitude. Thanks once again for being part of all the fun of making, sending and sharing creativity via our mail art! Can’t wait for the next one!

My postcards sent 2014
What I sent out! If you want to take a closer look, they are Word Poetry Postcards and Extra Postcards, and also captured on video in the making! There is also a (now closed) link up with lovely links to visit, all about postcard making!

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