Hello June, new goals & index card creativity

Index Card 04

It’s June, and what ever the weather I consider June to be summer. So, hello dear summer, you have been missing me for quite a while now (maybe since last summer ended). I’m glad you’re here. I plan to be outdoors as much as I can, but I also have another goal in June, and it is: to write something each day. Again I set this goal for myself, but this time I’m telling you guys and maybe this will help me keep this promise to myself. Because I really do want to write “more”, at least something each day.

It’s my willpower goal, and willpower is my one little word of the year. The warm days of June (oh I hope they’re warm and sunny) are maybe not the best time to commit to computer work, but what I want is to create the habit of writing a little each day. And the best way to create a habit is setting a firm goal and sticking to it. So that’s my intention. Do you set goals for the year, or monthly goals like this one?

Oh and since it’s the first of June today I also wanted to point you to Tammy’s awesome Index-Card-A-Day Challenge, that starts today. It’s a creative and fun challenge where you fill an index card each day with what ever art, doodles or words you feel like. I did it a few summers ago and enjoyed it a lot, so I can recommend you to give it a try. Daily goals do, like I already said, work wonders for creating momentum and new habits!

Let’s have a wonderful month of June, shall we?

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  1. And if some day you don´t feel like it: reduce the scope and keep the schedule. A sentence will do. And if even then, it doesn´t work. Well, keep on going the next day.
    June will be a “developing” month for me, working on giving depth and width to my May ideas.

    • Thanks for the encouragement! The writing every day as I thought I would, is not working out very well. But I have noticed: I am thinking about writing more, so I guess that is the microstep? :-)

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