Illustration from vintage book

Sometimes when I bind a journal I use recycled pages that are so pretty that I don’t really want to add much to them. From my explore nature altered book I tore out a page with these graphical illustration that I love. Love! Just look at those green and blue giant butterflies, they look mixed media perfect already. I’m keeping them “as is”, and that is fine too. Not every inch of every page has to be covered with mud – oh sorry, I mean paint layers. ;-)

I folded the old book page in two and re-bound it into this Kawaii journal, where they show up on both pages:

A started art journal spread

To the second butterfly page I actually added some pink paint, but very faint.

Butterflies around the world + deer

The quote on under the deer/beer is Swedish and it means:

Believe in yourself and your ideas

No matter how many times we hear these things, they need to be repeated over and over again. And I always try to keep my journal positive and filled with wonderful images…

Isn’t it a relief to know that you don’t have to work as much on every page in your journal?