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If you start somewhere and just keep going, you generate endless possibilities. Just because you may not see the importance of these samples now, that doesn’t mean they are useless. Again it is with new eyes that you see them each day.
Jude Hill

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Like I said in earlier this week, when I wrote about my creative process, I am trying to figure out what works, and what doesn’t work in relation to my own work process right now (or maybe I’m always doing this). It’s a constant trial and error you know.

I’m experimenting with having a to-do-list divided into categories right beside my computer, for example. And I continue to read articles that is about creativity, productivity and blogging. Today I’m sharing a few of my favorites with you guys. I hope you’re inspired!

Five links to inspire you right now

  1. How to be a happy bloggerInspiration with link love from iHanna (link list at
    Whenever I’m on pinterest I see a ton of pins for posts like “5 ways to increase your blog traffic” or “Make your blog successful with three simple steps” or “Sell your soul and gain 100 blog followers!” etc. But I never see anything about actually enjoying blogging…
  2. Generating blog posts ideas
    One of the biggest hang-ups that I hear about blogging on a regular basis is the issue of trying to come up with enough content to generate post after post, day after day…
  3. 5 Ways To Be Inspired By Your Everyday Life
    How to wake up, snap out of it, and let your everyday world be inspiring again. For nearly five years I walked the same two blocks to my train stop twice a day–morning and evening, passing the same houses, the same piles of trash, the same parked cars. Those two blocks became so dull…
  4. How to be an Artist
    Rock n Roll Bride writes: When people asked you what you wanted to do when you grew up, I’d imagine that not a lot of you said “work in an office”, or “stack shelves in retail…” If you were anything like me, you didn’t quite know where you would end up, but you knew it was going to be anything but a boring…
  5. How to Find Your Hidden Creative Genius
    James Clear writes: People tend to look at successful writers, writers who are getting books published and maybe even doing well financially, and think that they sit down at their desks every morning feeling like a million dollars, feeling great about who they are and how much talent they have and what a great story they have to tell…

I hope you too, find this reading enlightening and invigorating. If you have any tips for me, let me know in the comments.

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  1. Thanks for the link! I remember how I wanted to be an artist/anthropologist when I was a kid. I know why I lost both passions (anthro when I was in college and really looked at the job market, eek!) but there’s no reason why I can’t be a hobbyist version of both, right?

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