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Inspiration | Blogging and Creativity

If you start somewhere and just keep going, you generate endless possibilities. Just because you may not see the importance of these samples now, that doesn’t mean they are useless. Again it is with new eyes that you see them each day. Jude Hill Like I said in earlier this week, when I wrote about […]

A Pink Leuchtturm Notebook

My diary knows my thoughts as well as I know them myself. Anas Nin I have bought a hot pink Leuchtturm 1917 blank notebook for myself. Now I can’t remember where I saw this notebook brand online, but once I started investigating it I knew it was something I’d like, really like. Yes, I had […]

Field Notes from IKEA

IKEA is one of my favorite stores, not only because it’s 1) Swedish and 2) cheap but also because I find it inspiring (although tiring) to walk through the big storehouse close to Stockholm. And now they’ve got the most beautiful line of paper goods, including notebooks, washi tape, wrapping paper, boxes and more. Related […]

10 Ideas for your Art Journal

I do a lot of things in my Art Journal… I paint, collage, draw, collect, save, experiment, try out new materials, document, write… Today I’m sharing a few ideas of what I do in my Art Journal! Most of all I avoid rules as much as I can, others and self imposed rules alike. I […]

Inspiration | Craft Ideas to try

We have within us the capacity to manufacture the very quality we are constantly chasing. Daniel Gilbert Even though pinterest is great for collecting inspiration and links I still read blogs, bookmark interesting stuff – and leave comments when I want to give praise and thanks. I also like to share my finds with you […]

The Magic of the Art Journal World

I sometimes think of my art journal as a magical fantasy world. Like a physical place that you can visit any time you choose. I think the more you visit this Magical Kingdom the more of what happens there you can bring back with you, into your regular life. I think that any creativity that […]