Paper 1

Hi there! I hope you’ve had a beautiful weekend? Mine was great. You can still sign up for the DIY Postcard Swap, but later next week I am closing the swap and will start sending out addresses via e-mail to all +200 participants. If you haven’t gotten your addresses by Friday, please check your spam folder and then contact me and I will re-send them your way ASAP!

Paper 1 cut into 4 postcards

I have been blogging for 10 years, but this is the first time I’m writing a post and publishing it from the air, in an air plain! Let’s see how it goes… I have been traveling this weekend, but a while back I started painting a few sheets of watercolor paper, covering them with acrylic paint. I did the same thing for another batch of postcards for an earlier DIY Postcard Swap. I really love this way of working.

Paper 2 for postcards

I’ve been painting in one sitting, and then turning the paper over and cutting it into four equally sized papers to use as postcards. This time around, except for painting squares of color, I also used some of my precious tissue paper.

Paper 4 for postcards

I am thrilled every time I find a patterned tissue paper. I especially can not resist one that is polka dotted, and now I have several in different styles in my collection. I recently bought a new gel medium and that’s what I am using to adhere the tissue paper to the dried painted papers. Then when everything is dry, you get to make the postcards.

Cutting 4 postcards from one paper
I love turning the pieces over to see what I get. I love making postcards!

Curious of what kind of postcards other’s are making for this swap round? Check out this post, and feel free to sign up for the swap if you’re a quick crafter. Postcards should go out before next weekend.