A single drop of water, once joined with others, can transform a mountain.
Chinese proverb

Art Journal Detail: Coffee and drawing
This drawing of a girl is in my art journal. A green girl, colored in with watercolors.

I like pages where a bit of everything is allowed to happen. Drawing, journaling, watercolors and even collage elements – on the same page. And let’s not forget washi tape.

Sometimes it becomes overcrowded and too much of everything. But sometimes there is a balance. A sense of home.

Often there is a Blue bird flying in, or a pink striped one.

This is a bit of everything but mostly it’s an Evidence page, as you can see on the left hand side of this spread:

Art Journal Peek: Bird and writing
Evidence of four new half pans of watercolor!

Documented here with the labels and some named and painted swatches. Plus the business card from the store where I got them.

I love watercolors so much. How about you?