I have a Newsletter, did you know that? I very rarely send it out but I’ve got one. I would love for you to sign up. Now I’ve also got a mascot for it, a mailchimp called Freddie…

Freddie the Mailchimp at my house
This is my new mailchimp & newsletter manager. He matches my living room table (and nail polish) very well with his turquoise skin. I think he is going to help inspire me to send out more awesome newsletters into the world.

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A few weeks back I got an e-mail from my newsletter company saying:

Thanks for signing up for a MailChimp newsletter. You’ve been randomly selected to receive a limited-edition vinyl Freddie. Just let us know where to send your new friend.

I was quite surprised, and I must say, also suspicious. Because how many money awards and prices haven’t I gotten via e-mail through the years, all a bunch of crappy spam. Plus I am not even a paying customer! So far I have managed my growing list by using Mail Chimp’s free service to send out the iHanna Newsletter

But it was not random spam this time. I got a little package in the mail a while later. Inside was a large MailChimp Monkey dressed as a Yeti. With a red backback and a tiny cap, ready to deliver any good news he can scramble up.

Oh, and even though this is a family friendly blog I have to show you his cute butt (look away if you’re shy):

MailChimp Backpack with e-mails
Cute right? Well, I told you so.

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  • Freddie says sign up for iHanna's Good News Newsletter at www.ihanna.nu/newsletter #mail

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