Tin Can Assemblage

Assemblage with a lot of silver glitter

In the Coursera class that I took this summer (Introduction to Art: Concepts & Techniques with teacher Anna Divinsky) I made three of the assignments (you had to make two to get a diploma). I showed you the collage of Forever Summer and now it’s time for a look at the first assemblage in a very long time! A couple of years ago I did a lot of experimentation, all documented on the blog. Art dolls and mixed media projects, and assemblages too, at least two or three of these tin can boxes. So for this class assignment I decided to make another one in the series…

Assemblage in white

I had these bits of dead corral, found at the beach on my Egypt holiday, laying around in a box. I don’t even remember why I brought them with me home, I usually don’t like shells or that kind of dead beach finds. But now here they were, so I used them.

I painted the inside of the tin white, added a lot of silver glitter and then glued some tiny shells and those bits of white corral in place!

Assemblage of a White Beach
My white beach landscape miniature…

What do you think?

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  1. I like how the tiny round pieces of glitter echo the texture of the coral. Strangely, the coral pieces on the outside remind me of hands. The one on the left is doing a peace sign and the one on the right is pointing upward with the index finger.

    • Thanks Claudia! The glitter looks purple, but it’s just the prisms in the light. And I didn’t see hands but imagine if I added googley eyes… Then they’d be snails, I think. :-)

  2. i think i am going to be making a tin can assemblage of my own very soon! what kind of paint did you use for the can? it’s adorable.

    • Hi Jenny, how great that this inspired you!

      Search my blog for assemblage to see previous ones I made if you need more inspiration. I used regular acrylic paint, the kind that I use all the time paintings and in my art journals. I’d love to see what you come up with!

  3. Very cute and very artistic. So nice to teach this assemblage to my nieces as there past time for this summer.

    • Thanks Lala for leaving me a comment. I think tin can assemblage and art making in them would be great with kids or teens. Have fun creating!

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