Valentine Crafting Week 2014 (Copyright Hanna Andersson)

Valentine Craft Week might never end. I might name 2014 the Year of the Pink Heart and continue riding it, waving the love banner high, disappearing into the sunset. Or I might tire of hearts (even though that sounds unlikely right now).

After sewing valentine postcards last week, I continued sewing hearts, but small tag-sized ones!

A Blue Heart on the loose (Copyright Hanna Andersson)

I simply created them as a layered cake. Bottom layer (the tag) is cut from one of my many painted background papers, then layered with this textured synthetic fiber material that a friend brought me, and then topped with a heart that I sewed on with the sewing machine. Yummy, right?

It’s like the never ending saga!

Mix and Match Valentine Sewing

Mix and Match Valentine Sewing! Dive into your stash of papers, pick and choose. Layer, cut, stitch and play around with your favorite colors. No need to measure anything! Here’s what I got so far:

Valentine tag 2014

Mixed Media Valentine tags (Copyright Hanna Andersson)

Mixed Media Valentine tags 2014

For more heart, check out the mixed media Valentine Cards I finished last week, our heart doodles and one astray heart in the first page of my miniature journal.

Thanks for letting me share this project (so fun to photograph and make) with you! Have a great day!