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Doodle Letter C and B

Back to the book Craft-a-Doodle again, it’s such a fun book. In it you’ll find a fun exercise where you loosely doodle a big, bold letter and then colour it in. This is my kind of fun, especially since Cynthia Shaffer suggests we doodle on vintage book pages, my favorite drawing material! Super cheap drawing paper, so give lots to your kids too.

No matter your level of artistry you will make something pretty if you doodle on top of an book text page!

Kid's Watercolours on old book pages

Letter doodling is fun, but I know at once that I wanted to draw a heart shape in this style as I have done something similar before. I ♥ hearts!

So I doodled a heart and then quickly (quick is fun!) filled it in with random patterns. We colored them in with kid’s watercolors, crayons and markers. Love these hearts!

Craft-a-Doodle Hearts
The right one is mine, the left one is made by my friend. And we each did our first name initial:

C + H = Friendship
Christina’s letter is littered with these cute stamped images. I cut mine out and glued it into my Art Journal.

It’s Valentine Craft Week for me this week, so I’ll post another heart shaped idea tomorrow! Have you done any Valentine inspired crafts yet?

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  1. Hej mitt hjärtegull, det var ett mycket fint hjärta du har gjort. Ser fram emot ett nytt imorgon. Kram

    • Hej mom, egentligen får du inte titta på nästa inlägg för då får du ju se det Alla hjärtansdags-kort jag tänker skicka till dig, men annars får du helt enkelt låtsas vara överaskad när du får det. Puss!

  2. What fun! Those hearts will make fine Valentines. My mom used to draw funny marks on blank sheets of paper – an “L” shape, a half moon, two squares and a rectangle, then give them to me to “complete the picture”. I loved inventing pictures from her doodles as a kid and I still love doodling today. Thank you for sharing your daughter and your doodles here :)

    • Thanks Sharon, I’m childless but enjoy borrowing kids from friends and family to get me some kid time! Or maybe you commented to my mom’s comment, above? :-) She is crazy creative too!

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