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I really like my brown Smart Journals

I have a big love for browns and earthy tones. Brown paper! Gingerbread cookies! The color of my hair! Coffee with milk! Yum! And let’s not forget the Brown Quilt that I made myself. I still adore it, and use it almost every day! Also, I own at least two dark brown skirts and one […]

Creative Snapshots | Snow already forgotten

Above all, be the heroine of your own life, not the victim. Nora Ephron I am drinking black coffee and reading your comments on the giveaway post. Last chance to enter the giveaway of Quinn’s new book Inner Hero Creative Art Journal, a how-to book about finding and defining your Inner Heroes. Last chance to […]

Like a used paint rag…

Do you ever feel like a old dried up paint rag, laying on the floor – waiting to be thrown away? Discarded. Finished. Used up? Sometimes I do feel like that, but not today. I just wondered, because I needed to share this photo with you guys! Isn’t this dry paint rag beautiful? So life […]

Tin Can Assemblage

In the Coursera class that I took this summer (Introduction to Art: Concepts & Techniques with teacher Anna Divinsky) I made three of the assignments (you had to make two to get a diploma). I showed you the collage of Forever Summer and now it’s time for a look at the first assemblage in a […]

In Search of a Compass

I doodled and painted a quick little compass mandala in a fresh notebook late last night. I have been jumping between all kinds of journals and notebooks lately, not feeling completely at home in any of the ongoing books… In Search of a Compass… Trying to find my way, in art as well as in […]

Eye Candy | Drops of Color

No medicine cures what happiness cannot. Gabriel Garca Mrquez Drops of color in puddles of water, because they sky is too gray and winter too long. I feel like I need a lot of “just because no reason” right now. Sometimes we don’t need a reason, even though our brain constantly tries to convince us […]

The Simplest Things

In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer. Albert Camus Sometimes the simplest things can bring the most happiness. A scrap piece of watercolor paper. A black ink pen. A bit of time to create a doodle. Those are a few of the things that makes me happy, again […]

Creative Snapshots | Rinse and repeat

Dear someone, Have you ever wanted out, of all the stressfulness All the busyness, you could do without Take all of your worries, throw them away Everyday should be a fun day – That’s what I say A Heart is hanging in my Window of Shadows. Both lonely and beautiful, like life can be. Let’s […]