You do not know what will come out on the page, until you sit down and put your tools to work… iHanna

Hello let us have a Creative Year, image by iHanna of

Is your pencils sharpened? Your notebooks ready and your journal open for business? You do not need to use willpower to be creative. All you need is to listen to your heart, and be open to the possibility of play. To experiment with materials. What will happen if you combine this (a crayon? a piece of fabric?) with that (brown paper? modge podge? yarn?). Combine commute time with doodling, knitting or embroidery and put the creative glow back into your day!

So, will you have time for creative play this year?

I think the correct question is: Will you give creativity time? Will you take time to play? Will you look through your planner and mark out 15 minutes, or more, for doing something creative every day? At the end of the day will you be able to circle the word creativity in those printed calendar pages each day?

So please. I urge you to take the time to give creativity time, if not every day so at least a bit here and there. You will thank me later.

Because I truly believe there is time for creativity, if you want to. And I’ll be here if you need encouragement, inspiration or a creative friend on the web.