H is for Home sweet Home

My last post in a series of Snapshots of a Creative Life posts that I call Creative Snapshots, was posted way back in October when there was a Nip in the Air. Because I love this series so much I think it is high time to get back to it!

It is kind of like my personal Photo Diary of sorts, and one I enjoy a lot. Maybe it is because I never plan for these posts, they come together naturally with the photos to document my life. I take them without thinking much about it, because photography is part of my creative repetoar. It’s almost instinctive, and a habit I always enjoy. These photos simply show what I see, and how I document everday beauty in my life. Today they are all from the comfort of my own home.


Embroidered mandala beginning
Mandala embroidery in progress.

Crocheted Owl
Crocheted Owl, a gift from my friend Maria.

Dimensional stickers
Dimensional stickers, oh how I love these!

Washi tape favorites right now
Washi tape favorites.

Polka dots and iHanna Books
In my book shelf.

Rainbow array on my desk
All lined up and ready for a new year.

Pink and Green Wool
Pink and green – the best combination ever! Well on the way of becoming a cardigan!

What does everyday beauty mean to you?