Collage: Phlox paniculata
Phlox paniculata

It’s been 45 weeks (!) of constant collage creating – and yes, I still love this challenge! For these collages I found a vintage book page of illustrated flowers that I used. Also, some weaver thread chart leftovers from last week’s theme, and indeed, a few dabs of white paint. In collage anything is allowed, and I honor that!

The title of my first collage, Phlox paniculata, is the Latin name for the flower in the picture (in Swedish it’s Höstflox obviously). I didn’t know it, but I looked it up online. I like the Latin names of plants and creatures, they sound so elegant, don’t you think?

Collage: Matchmaking Idea of Mine
Matchmaking Idea of Mine

In Matchmaking Idea of Mine I got the idea that the two flowers are getting married, and that made me feel a bit like a matchmaker. Plus you have the blue ribbon, the bed cover, the romantic vibe… Naming a collage, for me, is about association. What does these colors, textures and images say to me when they come together? Do they build a new story? Often I think they do. Maybe a story I interpret in my way, and another story that is yours.

I hope you feel like giving me feedback today? I’d love to know if you like any of these better than the others, or maybe you think they are all kind of wonky? Please let me know! I can take it. Leave a comment and make my day.

Here are the rest of the collages:
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Collage: Spotted Dream
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Collage: To the Kitchen
To the Kitchen

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For Kerstin

Collage: Lost Love Letter
Lost Love Letter

Happy Glue it Tuesday!

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