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Creative Snapshots | Other’s Creative Sp

Creative Snapshots | Other’s Creative Space

I love visiting the creative space of other people. Places where you can detect the artist in every item, in the way the garden looks, in the book shelf… At some places you can almost feel the creative work going on in the air surrounding the place… Don’t you just love when you can tell […]

Transparent Collage Papers

Transparent Collage Papers

I have a lot of paper, most of it ephemera or magazine clippings, and some wallpaper rolls or wrapping papers. I love when paper is both pretty and cheap, like in big rolls of lovely wrappng paper that you can use in all kinds of projects. But I also like the more expensive kind of […]

365 Collages | Week 40 | The White Editi...

365 Collages | Week 40 | The White Edition

Collage: In vain This week of collages turned out all white. It just happened like that. I made one collage and was inspired by that one to build others that were similar. The same feeling, but from different perspectives. Imagine standing in a sand storm or in thick fog. You can’t see the details but […]



Mom’s latest embroidery are these beautiful candle holders, inspired by Carina’s book Stitched Blooms. I think she has already finished at least ten of these! Related PostsGetting her hooked Under a pink moon Fabric, Watercolours and Embroidery

365 Collages | Week 39 – Painted Paper E

365 Collages | Week 39 – Painted Paper Edition

Collage: Grass Growing There is a lot more colours (and happiness) happening this week compared to last weeks gloomy collages. I have been digging in a folder of painted papers, and rediscovering some darlings. I think that I, almost exclusively, used my own papers for these collages! Putting these together felt like getting dressed in […]