365 Collages | Week 39 – Painted Paper Edition

Collage: Grass Growing
Collage: Grass Growing

There is a lot more colours (and happiness) happening this week compared to last weeks gloomy collages. I have been digging in a folder of painted papers, and rediscovering some darlings. I think that I, almost exclusively, used my own papers for these collages! Putting these together felt like getting dressed in the morning, combining fun colours and textures that I think mix and match well…

Now it’s time to hit town and see if the combination gets any compliments… So, leave any thoughts in the comments below – let me know if you’d wear any of these on your walls! I appreciate everyone of you who take the time to do so!

Collage: Water for Everyone
Water for Everyone

Collage: Happy Pancakes

Collage: Hide and Seek
Hide and Seek

Collage: Living Proof
Living Proof

Collage: Environment Friendly
Environment Friendly

Collage: Lost and Found
Lost and Found

Thank you sweet one, for visiting and happy October! And if you’re into craft and embroidery, there is a nice giveawayThis is a post in my series 365 Collages in 2013 | Previously: Week 38 | Next Up: Week 40 (the white edition)

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  1. Here from Glue it Tuesday! Lovely, vibrant work! I would definitely wear “Water for Everyone”, “Environmentally Friendly”, or “Hide and Seek” on my walls! Something in them calls to me, I could stare at them longer, for sure.

  2. I LOVE blue, so “Water for everyone” would adorn my walls! Also, that beautiful pink /orange combo underneath it (I didn’t see a name for that one). I have been using that color combo almost exclusively in my work lately. As always, inspiring & lovely work, Hanna!

  3. I love the second one, Hannah………. water for……… I love the soft and calmness of the blue. I’d wear it on my walls. Heck. I’d wear it period.

  4. Again, I enjoy each one but my very fave is the first one- I LOVE a pink/green combo and the green grass and title really grab me!

  5. I really enjoyed “Water For Everyone” and “Happy Pancakes!” Both made me smile. And I liked that you found a fun use for the lovely painted paper you made!

  6. I love the combinations, especially looking at the blues as I have some fabulous older fabric of a soft aqua blue that needs some other blues and contrast to make it interesting! Love that green with the bird too!! Very nice indeed!!

  7. I love circles on the page and yours are very enjoyable. But which one is a favorite? The shades of blue in Water for Everyone go great with the black. And I love the colors in Hide and Seek – I’ve been reaching for those colors myself! {:-Deb

  8. I could not pick a favorite here, I would frame them all and alternate according to my mood. Love the blues and the pink/orange and the circles and…

  9. Especially loving “Water For Everyone”, “Happy Pancakes” and “Hide and Seek” but they are all vibrant, happy and I’d gladly adorn my walls with them! Also great that you managed to use all your own painted papers, way to go!

  10. I love grass growing. I think it would be fab on a white wall as a vibrant splash of inspiration to be happy.
    Happy October, Amazing Hanna !

  11. I love the one with the buttons, which doesn’t have a name. So I will be taking on the challenge of naming it, and I am going with “Does anyone have change for a button?” . I hope you like it, because that is what it is now officially called.

  12. What a great idea for using hand made papers – they are all so effective – I will have to do some myself! (one day – but will file the idea away for later)

  13. My favorite is the pink and yellow (no name). Love that color combo. Thanks for sharing.

  14. OH WOW!! These are so happy and colorful, love them all!! If I had to pick it would be the first one and especially the second one since blue is my favorite color. So nice that you used your own painted papers for this. Will give this a try on my next set. For now I’m loving the browns. Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring me to start this too!!

  15. Love your collages Hanna – so inspiring. These are really cool.
    I admire your goal about the 365 days of collaging. Have been following for a long time
    but not commented. Catching up after a crazy summer in my life.
    Enjoying following over here

  16. hi Hanna…I love the greens and blues in the collages. You are nearing the end of the year. Will you be doing this again next year…or do you have something else planned? You always have something fresh going on all the time. Off to check out the embroidery giveaway (if I’m not too late)…Cheers!

  17. I like your collages a lot, especially Water for Everyone and Grass Growing. I would like to buy them. Are they for sale?

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