10 Amazing Pinterest Boards

I love Pinterest! There are a lot of boards that are simply amazing out there, in one way or another. Some are wacky, creative, crazy or simply breathtaking. They are all a proof of creativity to me, and sometimes a bit obsessive…

Here is a list of my top 10 right now!

10 Amazing Pinterest Collections

  1. Ex Libris Bookplates
    Ex Libris means “from the library of” and usually it’s a sticker or tag in the beginning of a book. This board is full of vintage book plates with cool illustrations. Just makes me happy.
  2. Azules
    Azules is an old form azur and it’s the colour of the clear sky or the deep sea. I don’t see the point in collecting by colour but when I come by a board like this, I understand that it is powerful.
  3. Cats In Art
    I love cats but I don’t collect cat images, but those who does seams to get a bit obsessed about pinning everything and anything with a feline on. And there is some amazing artworks featuring cats in the world!
  4. Flower Power
    Picked, arranged, bought or still in nature – I believe in the power of flowers.
  5. Cute Creatures
    Some collect pictures of cute couples, cute babies, cute things or, like on this board, cute animal photographs. And OMG are they cute!
  6. Stitch
    I’ve got my own board of embroidery, but I love looking as these inspiring works from textile artists and makers. It shows how one craft can be oh so many things!
  7. Bookish Delight
    Oh the delights of reading a book, looking through the shelfs of somebodies library – or simply collecting images like these! Totally proves that books are the prettiest design element in any home/hand!
  8. Childfree Community
    Being childfree or childless is a choice for some, a struggle for others. This board is a community board for those who find it tough to be childfree/childless in our child- and parent-centric society. To me this is an amazing board because its enormously large and very diverse. But don’t click it if you get offended by people that don’t LOVE babies… Some of the graphics are funny – some are quite harsh! I didn’t know things like this excised…
  9. Caravanolic
    I’m sending this one as inspiration to my aunt, who spends her entire summer in a tiny caravan with her family. The possibilities of DIY projects are endless. Oh-la-laaa!
  10. Printables
    If you’re into image collection, craft or collage printing images from the internet has never been easier. Pinterest presents you with links to thousands of images that are made just for you! Amazing indeed.

I love following other’s Pinterest Collections. It leads me to new blogs, tutorials, craft ideas and artistic expressions every week. But I’m rather picky with who to follow. Only if I like most of what I see will I subscribe to any particular board, and I always appreciate good attribution and links that lead to the actual article/post. In this way I always get content that speaks to me.

Feel free to follow all, or a few, of my Pinterest Boards, or to let me know where you are on Pinterest (or what boards I should check) with a link in the comments!

Collections has always fascinated me!

Bonus! Two boards to dive deep into (for me) will be Photography Love and Web and blog design Love – lots to read and learn!