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Loppis Love!

I love everything about the summer in general. And every summer about this time when it comes to visiting flea markets, or loppis as we say in Swedish, I feel a flea market crush coming on…. I love a good loppis and would love to spread the Loppis Love by inviting you to visit one with me right now. Let’s look at some pretty things, huh?

Flea Market Sightseeings
Flea Market Sightseeings from July!

I love browsing through boxes of vintage fabrics smelling of the attic, looking at sad collections of odd china, and searching for the perfect thrift find to bring home. Isn’t summer the best time for visiting flea markets?

Country roads and clouds

You get to see the countryside as you find flea markets open only in summer.

Green glass cups

I used to document my thrifted finds on this blog, but now, even though I still go, I don’t buy as much. Or I forget to take photos perhaps.

A small pitcher

Sometimes it’s enough just to walk around and look at things, especially beautiful vintage items. Like green coffee cups made out of glass and tiny pitchers with cute patterns. Or a very expensive sugar bowl with an awesome lid:

Sugar bowl from Finland
Beautiful thing, designed by finish Hilkka-Lisa Ahola!

The blue pattern makes me want to bring out my watercolours. I am drawn to beautiful patterns, and photograph them to remember forms and colour combinations. Or copy them into my journal of course.

Thrifting 2013

Even my iPhone has a pretty pattern right now: polka dots! This was one of my favorite finds, a vintage fabric:

Thrifted Fabric

I let mom have this one, because it’s designed already to hide tea towels on a special hanger. Not sure what they are called, but mom has one. I don’t. But I adore the fabric!

And another awesome find, a 1960 oilcloth (never used) in yellow with brown and orange flowers:

1960 Oilcloth / Vaxduk
1960 Oilcloth / Vaxduk
I really like how happy it is, but I’m not sure I will keep it. I don’t have a table (or even a room) big enough to make it justice. But it’s magnificent, don’t you agree?

More thrifted find photos saved for another day.

What is your summer crush?

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  1. hanna – those red leather books with the gold patterns on the spine are gorgeous. how fun it would be to go to a flea market in sweden!!! thanks for sharing it.
    also…your pillowcase patterns on the post below this one are magnificent. those vintage cases are the best!

    • Mary Ann, thanks! I wish I could buy every pretty vintage book there is and make it into altered art journal, but I already have a whole pile waiting… :-) When you come to Sweden I’ll take you thrift shopping for sure.

  2. Me too – LOVE loppis’s!!! I envy you for the fabric you found… the one with all the jars is right down my isle ;)
    Oh, and the blue and white patterns of the pitcher and the sugar bowl – hmmmmm – very very nice.
    I have tons of pictures of patterns on fine china (and other pieces) that I took in the Rijksmuseum. I’m wondering about a way to collect them all together – sketching and keeping them in a journal is my favorite idea. Seems overwhelming, but if I don’t start, then it will always be overwhelming…
    (Do you have a favorite loppis, or do you just go and see without planning?)
    Have a good one :)

    • Thanks Jana, I have a few favorites, but the best ones are the temporary ones where it’s just one day and everyone has the same chance of finding the “perfect find”! Like the summer bakluckeloppis… Love those. :-)

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