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365 Collages | Week 34

Sweet as a Flower Bouquet The hardest part right now is stopping once I start making collages. Hours will pass, my fingers gooey with glue, silence all around – and I don’t want to take a break. I want to continue to create just one more collage! Just one more… It’s a good feeling. Time […]

Creative Snapshots | In Many Pink Hues

Creatie Snapshots – photos from my everyday creative life – is back on the blog! I’m back at work and will be looking through photo folders from this summer now. It’s something I love, and I also enjoy sharing my favorite creative snaps with you guys! So I hope you like that too. Today I’m […]

Thrifted Finds | Vintage Flower Pots

With a Summer Crush on Flea markets I have been to several outdoor flea markets this summer. And yes, some nice finds did find me! My favorite might be these two flower pots, featuring my favorite china pattern! I’ve got coffee cups, a vase and a small pitcher that I also use for flowers. And […]

365 Collages | Week 33

Y for yes please! Yet another week of collage you ask? Will this never end? Well, as far as I’m concerned, no, I hope it will not end anytime soon. I am still loving creating square collages and I have many more ideas that I want to play with in upcoming weeks! Schyy! So, schyy, […]

Summer Crush | Broholmer Puppies

A friend of ours has several dogs, the biggest one is a female Broholmer called Gaia. The breed is still very unusual in Sweden even though it originates from Denmark. It’s a huge dog, but extremely calm and gentle. Gaia has her head above my waistline… Related PostsEye Candy: Blue and White Anemone Creative Snapshots […]