Art Journal Peek: Mon Amie Pattern

Monamie pattern in watercolour

Like everyone else I’ve caught the “make your own pattern” bug in the past months! It’s very contagious. I’ve made new patterns but also “copied” some to me well known patterns, like the porcelain pattern “Mon Amie”. It’s blue, but holds special memories for me, so I guess that’s why I wanted to make my own copy of it. I didn’t aim for an exact copy, or an even look. I was just doodling with watercolours, without penciling anything in before starting!

Fika i favoritkoppar

The Mon Amie pattern was drawn for Rörstrand by Marianne Westman in 1952. I will always think of coffee with my grandmother when I see it. I love that they still make it. It’s something comforting in a good repeat pattern that doesn’t go out of fashion. And how beautiful when a pattern can be loved for so many years. Now it’s produced in the form of modern mugs and bowls and not just these old fashioned coffee cups.

Art Journal: Mon Amie pattern copied
I made my own version of the famous pattern, and I like it. I love repeating forms over and over again. More pattern making/drawing/painting/doodles ahead I am sure!

Have you been making any patterns in your art journal lately?

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  1. And what a beautiful pattern it is. There’s something about blue & white that sings to my soul and it reminds me of my grandmother too. She collected Wedgewood tea sets when she was alive and I was passed down several sets which are still gorgeous and a joy to look at. Thank you for reminding me of her in another way.

  2. What a gorgeous pattern!! And I love the slight variations of blue in yours! So, so beautiful! What is it about blue & white? One of my favorite color combos for sure! I have been experimenting a lot with patterns lately too…it is so therapeutic to doodle them! I did an ICAD in pink & white based on a pattern I saw on a dress in a magazine. FUN!!

  3. Hi Hanna….love the blue flower pattern! I am also making patterns for the “Sewn” class :)

  4. Gorgeous pattern Hannah, beautifully recreated too my lovely. I love your blog and am guilty of not always commenting when I’ve popped in for a peek, my apologies but sadly life and my two gorgeous children mean I only get a limited time on the web. Thank-you so much for your sweet visit, much appreciated.
    Hugs x

  5. Wonderful patterns here! Your journal is very inspiring. I have a sketchbook but I use Pinterest for pretty photo collecting.

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