Creativity blooms within limits. Too much freedom leaves me not knowing what to do with myself, but when my days are structured Ive given myself focused time within which I can be even more creative.
Jo Reimer

Collage: Giving it Away
Giving it Away

I think I love every single one of these collages! I think all of them say something of how warm and lovely Swedish summer is right now. Yellow is the colour of summer, and I’m loving it right now. And I still love this 365 Project oh so much!

Collage: In His Mind
In His Mind

As always I would love to know which of these collages you like best. Leave a comment to let me know what you like about your favorite, if any. Thanks in advance!

Collage: In His Window
In His Window

Collage: Match Me
Match Me

Collage: Sunshine Flowers
Sunshine Flowers

Collage: Sunshine Season
Sunshine Season

Collage: Tremendous

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