Collage: Jelly Friend
Jelly Friend

I'm making 365 collages this year! I have been creating a few more smart journals, in neutral and brown hues, digging through my paper stash for a cohesive look of both cover and inside pages. I will post them to my Etsy Shop when I have photographed them. And while some brown paper and other patterned paper was out on my table (and on my mind) I decided to go with it for this week’s 365 Collage Project! It’s also a bit of a overflow from last week’s foxy edition and its earthy tones, don’t you think?

If you have the time, please let me know in the comments, which of these collages is your favorite – and why! I very much appreciate each and every comment because they motivate me to start thinking about next week’s batch of collages – and keeps me going with this huge project of 365 collages in one single, very long year…

Collage: Golden Rider
Golden Rider

Collage: Butterfly Flock
Butterfly Flock

Collage: Planning for the Winter
Planning for the Winter

Collage: Another Shy Friend
Another Shy Friend

Collage: Not For Reel
Not For Reel

Collage: Separated from the Flock
Separated from the Flock

We have passed the half year mark, and I am still going strong. Some days I don’t feel any need to ever do another collage in my life, but then my passion for paper draws me back in… And I keep going.

Thank you for your visit and continued encouragement!

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