Art Journal Peek: Blue Bird

Hey blue bird on my shoulder
Can you carry me over?

I talked to blue bird, she said why walk when you can fly?
She told me, baby, life tastes better when you’re high
I said hey blue bird can you take me for a ride
Leave me on a cloud, I’ll live with blue birds in the sky…

Art Journal: Making a happy mess

I keep adding paint to this Art Journal. Making a mess/making art. It’s a combination of things again, but this time I decided to draw/doodle on top of the layers. Out came another bird, a blue bird! I think this blue bird is my favorite, much more grungy and free than previous species I have drawn.

A Bluebird with Heart

I don’t even like blue, but the blue bird wants to stay with me. I guess it’s okay. Maybe he/she will show me the way?

10 Responses

  1. Oooh! I love your little bluebird!! I also love your page…reminds me of a city street that the bluebird has come to visit! So colorful! Thanks also for stopping by my blog! :)

  2. Oh my freaking gosh. Love the paint mark making first of all. Love the colours and freedom of marks. But the bird. Total adorableness. The eye!! Gorgeous. Isn’t that message the truth!?

  3. Pink is my favorite color so I was in love with this page right off. The bird is fantastic and looks like he is seeing something surprising. Think you did a fabulous job.

  4. Your pages are beautiful! But I want to specifically thank you for posting your blue bird. Blue birds are my personal symbol for my mother, who passed away 4 years ago. When I see one, it’s to remind me of her. So, thank you for the reminder. As if I’d ever forget! ;) But she likes to pop in every now and then!

  5. I love how colorful your journal is and I love the bluebird and what you wrote, bluebirds have been popping up in different ways for me lately.

  6. Oh my gosh! This is gorgeous! I love all of your things, but this spread is one of my all time favorites! Thank you for your inspiration everyday!

    Sheila in Oregon

  7. Love the bluebird little bit of grunge with your own sweet style !
    You are an art journal Queen, Miss Hanna !~
    Happy Creating !

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