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Art Journal Peek: Bird Studies

I have been drawing a bit again. Maybe I should call this journal my Bird Journal? It’s full of Blue Birds and other bird studies, mostly imaginary. And owls… Related PostsAltering a book called The world we live in I bring a pencil when I go fishing Enlightened as an Owl

Art Journal Peek: Bird of a Feather

Not only do I believe that we are all creative and artistic, I think it is imperative that we each practice our creativity and art with a certain amount of discipline and regularity. I think it’s important to form a creative practice, and experiment with as many different forms of creativity as we dare, because, […]

365 Collages | Week 25 – Foxy Edition

Hidden in the Forest This time we are heading into the forest… I had a wonderful Cut and Paste Day yesterday (a whole crafternoon with my friend), and today I’m posting seven new collages, that are, quite frankly, rather foxy looking. I hope you like them. Please leave a comment to let me know which […]

Monoprinting Experiments

I’ve been watching a few fun videos about how to use a gel printing plate. I’m not sure what makes such a thing special or if it’s sold here in Sweden but I just imagined any surface where the paint wouldn’t stick would work… So I took out a big white piece of tile that […]

365 Collages | Week 24

Nature’s Layers Hi again! I hope you had a lovely Midsummer Celebration yesterday! We had the best weather here with sunshine the entire day. I went out by boat to enjoy the archipelago, watch others do the Little Frog dance and enjoy my own home made picnic food. Yum! Related PostsBrocante List Prompt: Favorite Fruits […]

Video | A Swedish Midsummer

Found the video above that shows you how to celebrate Midsummer the Swedish way. I hope you enjoy! Wishing you a great day! Related PostsHow to Start the New Year in a Creative Way A Swedish Must Read Book Series Dear Photo Diary | Pumpkin Season

Art Journal Peek: Blue Bird

Hey blue bird on my shoulder Can you carry me over? I talked to blue bird, she said why walk when you can fly? She told me, baby, life tastes better when you’re high I said hey blue bird can you take me for a ride Leave me on a cloud, I’ll live with blue […]

365 Collages | Week 23 | Pink Edition

Collage time again! Have a Cup with Me Last week I posted the black and white edition. This week, I indulged in pink! It’s really fun to exlore colour through collage like this, working in a series of artwork. And pink is a colour I always come back to. Artist Season The patterned paper in […]

Eye Candy: Newborn Wool

When visiting Gotland in May I came across these darling cute lambs close to where we were staying. Gotland is known for the many sheep, and in every souvenir boutiques on the island you will find a sheep of some kind in every available form; ceramics, wool, fabric or illustration on something else. But to […]

Art Journal Peek: A Combination of Things

True to my June ideas I’m filling white pages in my Art Journal this month. And I am combining a lot different things on the same page. The combination of things is my favorite thing about mixed media art. I love combinations that grow over a couple of hours or days. Like doodles, watercolours, acrylic […]